Mother Nature, CEO


Soil is the heart and soul of our planet.

Mother Nature’s skin is made out of the only material that has the capacity to turn death into life. 

Soil, like oil or natural gas, is a finite resource. Not recoverable within a human lifespan. It can take hundreds to thousands of years to form one centimetre of soil, but that centimetre of soil can also be lost in a single year. Soil is at the bottom of the food chain, yet it is the cornerstone of life on earth.


It sustains us, provides us with clean water, recycles nutrients, regulates climate, captures carbon and can help defend us against flooding and drought. There are more organisms in one tablespoon of healthy soil than there are people on the planet. It needs to be carefully nurtured and protected but instead it is often thought of as dirt. 

Put simply, we can't live without it. 


Chromium, arsenic, lead, mercury, formaldehyde, dimethyl fumarate, chlorinated paraffins, azo dyes, ortho-phenylphenol, bactericides, fungicides, PVC, PU, EVA, TPU & phthalates; 

…..This list is just a selection of chemicals and materials commonly found in footwear and while shoes and clothes made out of recycled plastics materials greatly reduce your CO2 footprint they still contain the same harmful stuff. Shoes can be highly toxic and therefore directly impact our collective well being and the health of our planet . 


Amidst the chaos of harmful chemicals mentioned earlier, there's a hidden villain wreaking havoc in our environment – microplastics. These sneaky devils, too small for the naked eye to spot, pose a colossal threat to our bodies and planet.

Microplastics seep into our lives through the very air we breathe, the food we consume and the things we wear on our skins.

Children are particularly vulnerable due to their developing bodies and higher ingestion rates relative to their body weight. Once inside our bodies, microplastics can cause inflammation, organ damage, and disrupt our endocrine system.


The leather and fur industry wants you to believe that fur and leather are the more ‘sustainable’ choice by telling us that they are natural and biodegradable. But alongside the chemicals found in these processed animal skins, making them absolutely unsafe for our planet and the horrors that take place while producing them, even recycled leather usually contains plastics. And it all seeps into our ecosystems at the end of their lifecycle.

Let’s not forget the fact that planet Earth's skin is brutally being ripped open with deforestation to make space for more cows. The meat industry being closely linked with the leather industry using their skins to make even more profit. 10,000 square metres of land is cleared or kept cleared to produce around nine leather jackets. Likely illegally.


As a result, many of the world's soils are now in crisis - polluted, degraded and eroding at an alarming rate. 

At nooch we made ourselves a promise not to participate in the use of anything that is or has the potential of harming our planet. From the materials we use in our sneakers and apparel to the plans we have set in place for the end of their lifecycle to help replenish our precious planet and restore the natural loop. 


That is why Mother Nature is our CEO. She is the ultimate lady boss and has the final say in every decision we make. She forces us to tread lightly. She is beneath our feet and at our mercy.

Listen closely and you can hear her breathing.