Power To The People


All the people that historically have made a difference had the same thing in common; They made a decision. A decision against the status quo. By standing up for their rights and in doing so engaging a group of people struggling with the same problems and urgent need for change. Setting into motion a chain reaction toppling a hierarchical structure and changing things for the better. This is the power of making a decision with your heart.


Yet, for some strange reason people have been willfully exchanging their free will for a false sense of security. Because surely politicians know what’s best… You are being encouraged to stay on your little island and mind your own business. Don’t question the rules, regulations and laws. Because they  are there for a reason and surely the powerful know what they’re doing, right?


These people are forgetting the fact that the powers that be are heavily influenced by the wealthy and economically dominant. Putting their interests above the rest of humanity’s, consuming far more than our planet can handle and shielding themselves from the consequences.  And with 0,000001% of the global population being richer than half of the people on this planet, using our current economic system that is unequal and undemocratic, a scenario is being created in which those who can least afford it will suffer the most. And to change anything about it would be an illusion….


But shouldn’t we the people be deciding what kind of world we want to live in? And how does one go about creating necessary change? Surely I can’t do anything about it? But the truth is that your future very much lies in your own hands. And the choices you make directly impact your environment. Every step you take makes a difference. It starts with your everyday actions, the way you treat others, the choices you make in the supermarket, the things you share on social media, the protests you join and the stories you tell. What you eat and who you don’t. All things you can start doing today. Every individual step is a movement towards the world as we want to create it. So choose your weapon albeit your creativity, keyboard or superglue. 


Changing the world takes time. Time we don’t have. That is why we need to push hard for progress in order to ensure a livable planet for all Earthlings. Now and for future generations. And your actions contribute to the movement forward we create as a group of pioneers.  Studies show that worldwide movements for change that actively engaged 3.5 percent of the population have been most successful in achieving their goals. And we are quickly growing into that magical percentage that is needed to create the tipping point. That magic moment when it will start spreading like wildfire* and we can actually start making the changes we see fit, turn our ideas and visions into reality and build a new economy that operates within the limits of our planet and is based on democracy, justice and resilience.


Nooch believes that the world can be better, more equal, safer, just and happier for everybody. And our everyday action towards that goal is to be an honest organisation that strives to make things better for everybody and everything along for the ride. From how our resources are grown to the people making the sneakers in the factory right up to the moment that we will return the sneakers to Mother nature in the form of a rich compost. We use sneakers as a true force for good and take action out of a deep devotion and respect for Mother nature and all her inhabitants.     


Come join the gang. It’s fun here and you get the chance to turn your gut feeling into actions. The more the merrier. You are not alone. We are with many. They are with few. Let’s take back the power together and ride off into the sunset on our bicycles to the soundtrack you’re hearing in your head right now! Yeehaw!

*Malcolm Gladwell