Our Story

We are taking bold, rebellious and mindful steps into a brave new world for footwear. It's impossible to live a single day without impacting the world around us. All our choices have consequences, but we have the power to act in ways that limit our negative impact and maximise the positive.

The footwear industry's exploitation of animals and humans and colossal waste is disgusting and unnecessary. We're working our socks off to build a footwear company that doesn't stamp its big dirty footprints all over the planet and instead takes gentle steps that impact Earth less so all its inhabitants can live happy, healthy lives now and in the future.

Nooch shoes are 100% vegan, zero-waste, made by fairly paid workers in healthy and safe factories, and never by children. We believe that the exploitation and killing of animals for their skin should have ended in the Stone Age, and we also think that trashing the planet with plastics should stop.

We're confident that we're creating 'the best shoes' for the world and its inhabitants. Mother Earth is CEO, and we're recruiting 1,000 co-founder partners that share our values. We're aiming for Nooch shoes to be a genuinely closed circle product, completely biodegradable with minimal negative impact. At Nooch, we love learning and making progress and will never stop doing so. Our promise to all earthlings, the planet and our fellow footwear rebels is that we will consistently and continuously seek to improve and keep improving. We'll be honest and accountable, transparent and courageous in our approach.

We exist to save our planet for future generations. We believe in a plant-based exploitation free future in which social justice extends to all sentient beings. The company belongs to a foundation and is not for sale. The foundation evaluates the CEO's ability to represent Mother Earth sufficiently, not whether the company makes enough money. It is our mission to serve our purpose with our profits and our community of co-founders helps us to ensure that.

Our founder and creative director, Lotte Mulder says, 'Put yourself in our shoes and walk the planet with a clear conscience. Let's make new rules and have some fun. Jump on board and be part of the footwear revolution. Walk the talk and march into that better future. Because at Nooch that full circle logo stands for something, and it ain't donuts.'

Albert Einstein, a fan of circles and probably vegan doughnuts, would most likely be wearing Nooch if he was around today. He said that we must widen ‘our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole nature in its beauty.'

Let's go!