Instant Impact - Made On Demand

Instant Impact - Made On Demand

Take a step in the right direction with on-demand shoe production, saying goodbye to waste, making a positive impact for the planet

Shoe Overproduction: Industry Realities
Ever wondered why your favorite shoe store always seems to have what you need? That's because they keep a ton of shoes in stock, sometimes nine for every one sold! But here's the catch: all those extras often leave them stuck with excess product at the end of the season. This surplus is put on sale, marked down repeatedly, and if consumers still won’t buy it, it’s dumped in landfills or burned, adding significant pollution to our planet. Why? Because in today’s fast-paced world, brands need to make room for new collections in order to make more money.

“The fashion industry is widely known to overproduce between 30% to 40% each season, which indicates a serious imbalance in matching supply and demand.” - Pactics, 2022

This is wrong
This entire bin full of brand new, intentionally destroyed shoes, destined for landfill. All to prevent reselling and to maintain an artificially high price.

The Nooch Way

Here's how it works:

  1. Get Exclusive Access
    First, we share our latest shoe releases through our newsletter, allowing you to pre-order them on our website. Plus, when you sign up, you'll get a special code.
  2. Support a cause
    Use that code when you make your purchase, and we'll donate €10 to Carbon Killer. They're doing great work buying up and destroying CO2 emission rights.
  3. Perfect Fit:
    Then when you pre-order your Noochies, we start the process of making them. Simply use our foot-scanning tech on your smartphone. No need to install any apps—simply follow the easy steps, and we'll have the exact dimensions of your feet, ensuring a perfect fit every time.
  4. We Don't Overproduce:
    This means we don't end up with extra shoes gathering dust. By ordering your Noochies before the cutoff date isn't just securing your pair. It's also giving us the time to make each pair with care for you. 
  5. Stay in the Loop:
    We'll keep you updated every step of the way. Once your Noochies are ready, we'll ship them to you. Or, if you prefer, swing by our pick-up parties for some good vibes and plant-based snacks.

Sure, there are challenges.
Some folks want that instant gratification of brand new shoes right away. But at Nooch, you'll experience the joy of looking forward to receiving your shoes, knowing that taking care of our Mother Earth always comes first.

Order now and secure your Noochies.
So what are you waiting for? We're using 100% plant-based materials. This ensures that yours sneakers are  free from plastic, toxins, and harmful substances

Vote with your feet and join us on our journey to a better world of footwear



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